Aurora-Beaker Water Pipe-Clear Fumed-12in

Product Details

One of the biggest names in Cannabis is here to bring you the best in smoking accessories. From hand pipes to water pipes and a plethora of papers, you can’t go wrong with this well thought out collection. Simple in design, but functional in nature grab these awesome Aurora pieces.

This clean and stylish bent neck beaker is perfect for at home sessions. Sitting 12”/30.48cm tall, this water pipe provides a cool draw and excellent water filtration. Made from handblown, borosilicate glass it comes equipped with an 18.8mm ground joint and 18.8mm>14.5mm diffused downstem to make your hit superbly smooth. Easily pull out the bowl and complete your hit with the 14.5mm male, glass, diamond style herb bowl. The ice pinch allows you to toss in a couple cubes for a fun, frosty finish.

A discreet Aurora logo adorns the bottom of the beaker for a more minimalistic design. The unique fumed colouring is complimented by the diamond cut mouthpiece making this water pipe the perfect addition to any connoisseurs collection.

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