Boveda 2-Way Humidity Packs – Individually Wrapped 4g – Box of 125

Product Details

Protect those precious aromas and flavors with Boveda 2-Way Humidity Packs, the Original Terpene Shield™! Boveda Humidity Packs are designed to provide an optimal 62% relative humidity, which prevents terpene evaporation and keep buds looking and tasting their absolute freshest!

  • Patented 2-Way Humidity Control
  • Prevents Terpene Evaporation
  • Individually Wrapped for Convenience
  • Trusted Global Leader
  • Multi-purpose with Many Uses
  • Available in 4g and 8g Sizes

Did you know? Even in an airtight container, your buds can continue to lose flavor and aroma due to terpene evaporation.

Protect your stash with Boveda 2-Way Humidity Packs! Their patented 2-way humidity control system is available in different sizes according to your needs. It’s as simple as including a humidity pack in your favorite cannabis container.

Boveda Humidity Packs create the Original Terpene Shield™ to protect your terpenes! Boveda creates a monolayer of purified water to encase your flower and keep your terps freshly intact until you’re ready to roll.

With Boveda, you can take pride in enjoying truly fresh flower every time. Protect your terps and level-up your storage game with world-class humidity control from Boveda.


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