Exxus Mini Plus

Product Details

Small and stylish, the Exxus Mini Plus provides remarkable sessions. The simple design includes a digital readout for setting precise temperatures optimal for vaporizing between 160⁰-210⁰C (320⁰-410⁰F). Not just for dry herb, the included mesh chamber offers diversity by allowing extracts to be used. The device heats up in less than 30 seconds and charges in under an hour.

To use: Press large power button quickly 5 times to turn ON/OFF. Change the temperature by clicking the little buttons underneath the digital readout. The Exxus Mini’s auto-shutoff is 4 minutes to prevent overheating and wasting power. Grind your herb and loosely pack it in the chamber for an easier draw. Liquids are not recommended for this device. It is suggested to heat and run the device for a full session before initial use.

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