Pipes & Bubblers $200.00 Bundle

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Bundle includes:

BO1007T Pipe Chillum Puff Puff Pass Flute 3.5in Teal
B1099 Bubbler Joint Spider
BBS131BW Silicone Ness Monster Bubbler w/Glass Bowl Blue & White
BM121B Pipe Metal Bolt Sneek-a-Toke Blue
BBS137BW Silicone Mini Elephant Blue & White
BSH102A Pipe Glass J-Bend w/o bowl Amber
BBS133 Silicone Roller Pipe Assorted
B1087R Pipe Scorpion Glow in the Dark Red
BO1001A One Hitter Glass Amber with White Stripes
B1095 Pipe Pink Octopus Green
BO1001PP One Hitter Glass Purple with White Stripes
B1097 Pipe Spider Clear
B1006Y Pipe Teardrop White with Yellow Stripe
BB1095 Bubbler Glass Atomik Carina 5in Clear
BB1070BK Bubbler Glass Evolution High Stack 11in Black
BB1092G Bubbler Glass Atomik Ophelia Green
BB1083T Bubbler Glass Evolution Honeybine 12.5in Teal
BB1090M2 Bubbler Glass Atomik Phoenix 3in Yellow & Red
BB1066BK Bubbler Glass Evolution Micro Showerhead 8in Black
BB1052G Bubbler SIC Double Frosted Green
BB1052C Bubbler SIC Double Frosted Clear
BB1089M2 Bubbler Glass Atomik Nix 5in Yellow & Red
BB1052B Bubbler SIC Double Frosted Blue
BO1002Y One Hitter Glass White with Yellow
BBS131BO Silicone Ness Monster Bubbler w/Glass Bowl Blue & Orange
BSP167 One Hitter Mustache Cig
BB1090M1 Bubbler Glass Atomik Phoenix 3in Black & White
BBS131GW Silicone Ness Monster Bubbler w/Glass Bowl Green & White
BBS137RT Silicone Mini Elephant Rasta
BM121R Pipe Metal Bolt Sneek-a-Toke Red
BSH103G Pipe J-Bend With Matching Skull Bowl Green

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