Holiday Water Pipes & Rigs Bundle ($200)

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Bundle Includes the following items:

BB1093BK Rig Atomik Amos 5in Black
BB1093M3 Rig Atomik Miranda 5in Teal & White
BB1086G Rig Atomik Honeycomb Aquarius 6in Green
AP941MP Rig Dopezilla Minilla 7.5in w/quartz nail Milky Pink
A9036T Rig Baby Bottle with Dome Teal
AA1002G Monster Mask Diamond Tube Green
A2001AG Water Pipe Vodka Original Alpha 10in Apple Green w/Downstem & Bowl
BB1147G #Water Pipe Kronik 7in Atomic Haze Green
BB1129C Water Pipe Kronik Drip Clear
BB1199MY Perc Evolution Kermit Milky Yellow 11in 19mm Bowl
AP914AW Water Pipe Evolution Crosshatch 16in White
AP928BBK #Perc Evolution Sink 13in Black

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