PUFF PUFF PASS Grinder 3 stage

Product Details

Puff, Puff, Pass this aluminum herb grinder over. With three stages and a stunning rainbow finish you won’t want to let this grinder out of your sight. The lid has the fun Puff, Puff, Pass logo adorned on it and is outfitted with comfort fit grooves to make grinding more pleasant. The top pieces are held together magnetically, allowing for an easy grind and preventing the lid from coming off while traveling. All of the other sections are threaded together, making the seal very tight. Strong, diamond-cut teeth tear and fluff your herb to perfection in the top portion. Holes allow for the herb to travel into the storage reservoir, which features a window so you can see how much you’ve got in there. After that, the fine mesh screen filters all your most potent bits down into the bottom kief compartment, and the included scraper lets you collect everything to use at your leisure.


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