Randy's Roots Papers Natural Hemp

Product Details

Randy’s Roots Hemp Rolling Papers are made from unbleached organic hemp. They are 30% thinner than Randy’s Classic Papers and their vegan glue is manufactured from Acacia Trees. Randy’s Roots still utilize the unique 100% USA Stainless Steel wire made famous from the Classic Papers. The unique built-in wire provides two advantages. The first being that the wire acts as a rolling aid. It helps with the elusive “smushing” required to get that perfect roll. The second being the wire becomes a built-in roach clip once the paper starts burning. The helps keep your fingers clean, cool and allows you to expertly “pass the dutchie” without any mishaps. Randy’s Roots papers are designed to give a more natural rolling experience for those who already love and identify with the brand. Each pack of Randy’s Roots comes with 24 papers in 77mm size, and each box contains 25 packs.

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