San Rafael-Grinder Medium-Blue-50mm

Product Details

Feeling blue? San Rafael is here to help. This comprehensive collection includes everything from water pipes, to trays and grinders. With their classic blue shade at the forefront of the design, these minimalistic accessories will be at the top of everyone’s list.

This aluminum 3-stage grinder’s top is sealed with a magnetic closure to help keep everything secure. Use the chisel-tip teeth to tear and fluff your herbs to perfection. The bottom two layers are threaded together to ensure the safety of your ground material. Once optimally ground in the top section the material moves down through the holes to the mid-section. This compartment is ideal for storing your ground herbs. The most potent pieces will filter down through the mesh screen and land in the kief compartment, the secret space where the best bits are kept. 

This 50mm/ 2” grinder has comfort grooves on the sides for a more ergonomic grind. The stunning blue colour is complimented by the classic white San Rafael logo on the top of the grinder. Fun and functional, this grinder is sure to impress.

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