San Rafael-Straight Tube Water Pipe-Blue-16in

Product Details

Feeling blue? San Rafael is here to help. This comprehensive collection includes everything from water pipes, to trays and grinders. With their classic blue shade at the forefront of the design, these minimalistic accessories will be at the top of everyone’s list.

This 16”/ 40.64cm straight tube water pipe from San Raf definitely packs a punch. Made from handblown, borosilicate glass and equipped with a thick, sturdy base this showpiece stands out. This straight tube comes outfitted with two tree percolators making your hit incredibly smooth. The 18.8mm ground joint fits perfectly with the inside-cut 18.8mm> 14.5mm diffused downstem. This piece also comes with a 14.5mm glass, male herb bowl with handle. The handle helps to remove the bowl easily while smoking and cleaning. The tough, bullet-hole ice pinch lets you toss a couple cubes in the top to add a frosty finish to your hit.

The clear design blends in, while the height of this straight tube stands out. The blue on the mouthpiece adds a pop of colour and matches the classic San Raf logo on the side. If you’re looking for a tall, smooth bong able to impress, this is the piece for you.

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