Skunk Flavoured Hemp Rolling Papers


Product Details

Flavoured Skunk rolling papers offer the same great quality of the original, just with a hint of something sweet. These high-quality hemp papers are made where papers should be made, in the birthplace of rolling papers – Alcoy, Spain. Each pack comes individually wrapped so you get the freshest papers possible, with the best flavour around. Nothing is worse than papers that tear when you roll them or run when you smoke them, Skunk keeps their papers thin and add a watermark so they burn slow and even. These tasty papers are not only sweet to smoke, but sweet to our furry friends as well. Skunk uses only natural plant-based glue so they’re vegan friendly. All papers are 1 ¼ size and have 32 papers in the pack. There are 24 wrapped packs per box.

Skunkalicious – cooling, sweet menthol that has a hint of peppery sweetness
Hawaiian Skunk – delectable mix of pineapple and coconut
Blackberry – sweet, tart and bursting with blackberry flavour
Blueberry – subtly sweet with a bit of sour, the ideal blueberry flavour
Mentholicious – menthol through and through, extra minty
Strawberry- super sweet with a slightly sour strawberry flavour

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