Wraith Vaporizer by Famous X

Product Details

The Wraith is a small, sleek, dry herb vaporizer by Famous x. It utilizes convection heating for a more flavorful experience and features a fast heat-up time and a digital readout. Convection heating eliminates direct contact between the heating coil and your dry herbs eliminating combustion risk, delivering only rich, milky clouds of vapor that are packed with all the wonderful flavors that your herbs have to offer.

    • Portable and Ergonomic design
    • Quick heat-up time
    • Convection
    • Digital LED screen
    • Advanced Temperature Control
    • Auto Shutoff
    • Rechargeable 1600 mAh battery

The Wraith is powered by a rechargeable 1600 mAh battery. The power button is placed in the center while the two buttons on each side of the power button control the temperature, which is displayed on the LED screen. The temperature ranges anywhere from 160°C to 221°C (320°F to 430°F), which offers users a full range of temperature settings to try out. From dense milky vapor to light clouds and anywhere in between, you can completely customize it to your own personal preference.

To load the device remove the mouthpiece by twist the device counter clockwise to remove and then loosely pack chamber with ground material. Quickly press the center button 3 times to turn on and use the flanking buttons to control temperature. With a full digital screen you are able to change temperature by precise degrees between 160⁰C-221⁰C (320⁰F-430⁰F). Ideal temperature is dependent on moisture content of your herb and desired vapor thickness. Unit will turn off after being idle for 3 minutes.


  • Wraith Vaporizer
  • Silicone insert for mouthpiece
  • Cleaning brush
  • Packing tool
  • USB charging cable
  • User Manual

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