Vaporizer XVape Aria Dry Herb


Product Details

The XVape Aria is a unique vaporizer that works with dry herbs and concentrates. The digital OLED screen enables you to choose the exact degree you’d like to vaporize at between 100⁰C-240⁰C (212⁰F-464⁰F). The device heats up within 20 seconds and alerts you with haptic feedback. The XVape Aria features a ceramic conduction oven with an oval design for more even heating. The ceramic mouthpiece is secured to the top of the unit with super strong magnets and the isolated airflow allows for a smooth, consistent draw. Inside the unit is a small, scraping tool and the exterior is wrapped with a fabric to be more comfortable to hold. The internal 2600 (18650) mAh battery is able to be charged with the included micro USB charger.

Xvape Aria
User’s manual
2 sets of screens
Mesh concentrate pad
Cleaning brush
Alcohol pad
Cotton swabs
Micro USB Charger
1 year warranty

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